The Issues



Wendy believes that everyone should receive the health care they need and deserve. She knows how critical state support can be – until recently, Wendy and her family purchased their healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.

Wendy voted to expand Medicaid. As a result an estimated 400,000 Virginians don’t have to keep making the impossible choices between paying healthcare bills or paying the mortgage. She also understands that Medicaid expansion is good for Virginia’s economy – through a healthy workforce and the creation of about 30,000 new jobs.

About a week into her first candidacy two years ago, Wendy lost her brother, Brian, to mental illness. He had been denied Medicaid in Virginia for years. She's fighting so that Virginia families don't have to experience what hers did. In the United States we don't abandon the most vulnerable among us, we help and care for them.



Wendy believes that strong communities start with a healthy planet. Raising her children on the banks of the Shenandoah River, Wendy chose to live in District 10 because of its beautiful green spaces, clean water, and clear air.

In office, Wendy defends and expands existing environmental protections. To ensure that she can legislate without bias, Wendy has pledged never to take campaign contributions from Dominion Power or Appalachian Power.

Wendy supports Virginia's investment in renewable energy, making alternative energy options like solar panels and wind energy more accessible and affordable. She pushes for cleanup efforts and the preservation of District 10's best green spaces. Development must be responsible, and cannot come at the cost of our land, water, and air.



As a career educator and mom of two, Wendy understands that our communities are only as strong as our schools. In Richmond, she fights for competitive public schools so that each child in Virginia can learn and succeed.

The wage for Virginia public school teachers is about $7,000 under the national average. Because Wendy’s mom and grandmother were public school teachers, she understands firsthand the impact of underpaid educators. This life experience makes her a staunch supporter of a living wage and benefits for public educators, so that Virginia can recruit and retain the nation’s top talent. She knows that investing in Virginia's families means investing in Virginia's teachers.


Gun Safety

Wendy believes that no one in our community should live under the threat of gun violence. She supports common-sense gun safety laws that keep our families safe while respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Having lost her brother to PTSD, Wendy knows that our loved ones sometimes need separation from firearms. In 2019, Wendy served as Chief Co-patron of a red flag bill that would allow courts to temporarily remove guns from people who pose an immediate risk to themselves or others. Wendy knows that this type of law saves lives while still protecting due process.

Wendy also supports universal background checks, bans on large-capacity magazines, and closing the gun-show loophole. These measures would keep our families safe without impinging on 2nd Amendment rights.


Jobs & Economic Development

Wendy believes that the economy should work for everyone, giving each Virginian a fair shot. That means competitive public and technical education systems, a living minimum wage and jobs for our veterans. It also means the protection of worker rights and labor unions as well as equal economic opportunity for all Virginians. It means government investment in public infrastructure so that we can can build better roads, bike lanes and transit systems. Virginia's economy is developing quickly, and we must take steps to ensure that our workforce is well trained and paid so that it can grow, compete and prosper.


Redistricting & Voting Rights

Gerrymandering is the issue that first got Wendy out of her chair at a town hall back in February 2017. As a 19-year resident of the district, she has watched its lines be contorted and redrawn.

Wendy believes that free and fair elections are tenets of our democracy. Voters should be choosing their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters. She has supported a constitutional amendment in Virginia to ensure that district lines are not drawn to favor any individual or political party. Furthermore, she firmly opposes any effort to make voting harder -- and is appalled by Virginia House Republicans efforts to require photo identification for absentee ballots and multiple forms of state ID at the voting booth.



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