Working for a better virginia

Delegate Wendy Gooditis

Wendy is delivering on her commitments, making healthcare available to more Virginians, protecting our environment and increasing teacher pay. With your support, she’ll continue.


Delegate Wendy Gooditis believes in a Virginia with affordable healthcare, fair redistricting, strong public education and a clean environment.




Delivering for House District 10

When Wendy arrived in Richmond in January 2017, unseating a three-term Republican as part of an incoming “blue wave,” she immediately went to work delivering on her commitments. It was a historic moment, and with your help and support there will be many more to come. Wendy is a tireless advocate for her district and the great State of Virginia, introducing, co-sponsoring and voting for key legislation to improve the lives of people in her district and across Virginia.



More people with healthcare

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia wasn’t easy, but it was the right thing to do — and Wendy was at the forefront of legislation that got it done.


students will be safer

Wendy’s legislation, HB 2720, will enable the funding of brick-and-mortar school safety projects like secure vestibules — a critical step in protecting our children.



Thanks to Wendy, Virginia is closer to a $154 million stimulus package to improve transportation and provide jobs. She also pushed hard to make I-81 safer.


The Issues

Wendy will continue to fight for competitive public schools for every Virginia child, for a robust and environmentally friendly economy that provides good jobs, and for fair redistricting, accessible healthcare and laws that protect our children.



Wendy knows the consequences of not being able to access good healthcare. Her brother Brian, unable to get the help he needed, passed away two years ago. Wendy ran for Delegate in large part because she didn’t want any other Virginia families to experience similar devastating, avoidable losses. She has already successfully pushed to expand Medicaid.

Jobs and economic development

Our economy should work for everyone, giving every Virginian a fair shot. That’s why Wendy supports job training programs, a livable minimum wage, investment in infrastructure and protecting worker’s rights. When our workforce is well trained, Virginia’s economy will grow even faster.


A strong advocate for Virginia’s increased investments in renewable energy, Wendy favors making alternative energy options like solar panels and wind energy more affordable. 

strengthening our schools

Wendy understands that our communities are only as strong as our schools. She will continue to fight for competitive public schools for every Virginia child and to pay our teachers what they deserve.

Equitable Voting for All

Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around. Wendy will continue to support legislation ensuring district lines are not drawn to favor any individual or political party and will oppose any effort to make it harder to vote.