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RANDY MINCHEW is taking advantage of the system, voting to save his clients
millions of dollars in taxes while we pick up the tab.

VOTING TO BENEFIT HIS CLIENTS Minchew passed a law that directly benefits his business clients and saves developers millions of dollars by transferring the tax burden on community property from developers to local taxpayers like you. (HB 1514, 2015; HB 1697, 2013)

ABUSING HIS POWER AS DELEGATE Minchew used his official government email account for a personal business matter—pressuring the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to approve a real estate deal that would benefit his clients. (Washington Times, 02/04/15)

ENABLING CORPORATE SECRECY Minchew doesn’t believe corporations owe the public any transparency. His law firm asked Loudoun County to withhold seven applications and permits AT&T had filed for their controversial development on Short Hill Mountain from the public. (Loudoun Times-Mirror, 09/29/16)