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RANDY MINCHEW voted to divert funding from our public schools, putting our children’s education in jeopardy.

MAKING CUTS TO PUBLIC EDUCATION Minchew voted for a bill that would send taxpayer dollars from our public schools to private, religious, and for-profit schools. (HB 1605, 02/22/17)

WHILE DEVELOPERS GET RICH At the same time, Minchew sponsored legislation that would save developers like him millions
of dollars, while our schools are left with less. (HB 1514, 2015)

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WENDY GOODITIS will fight to ensure our tax dollars go to our schools, so our students are put on a path to success.

ENSURING FULL-DAY KINDERGARTEN We pay more taxes than any other region, yet parts of our community don’t have full-day kindergarten. Wendy will work to fund full-day kindergarten so our students get the head start they need.

RAISING TEACHER PAY Wendy understands firsthand the impact of underpaid educators and the consequences of good teachers
moving to other school districts, leaving behind larger class sizes for our students. That’s why she’ll prioritize raising teacher pay so we keep quality teachers.