Greetings from Richmond!

February 15th 2019


Heading into our last week of Session, I want to take a moment to discuss the tax conformity bills that passed through the General Assembly earlier this week.

 On Monday the House and the Senate passed their respective conformity bills, allowing tax filings to move forward in Virginia. These bills provide targeted tax relief to middle and low income Virginians, raising the standard deduction by 50% to $4,500 for individuals. I feel that this is an equitable solution. Nearly half of the overall benefits will go to those making $50,000 or less, and most individual tax payers will receive refund checks of $110 this fall. It may have been a long road to get here, but the outcome agreed upon will benefit all citizens of the Commonwealth.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


I was honored to join my colleagues and citizens from across the Commonwealth as they stood in support of the Equal Rights Amendment. One more state is needed to reach the golden number of 38 and FINALLY ratify the ERA -- it is time!


February 14th is a very big deal here in the General Assembly. The halls are filled with hearts and streamers, and gifts are given to all of the Administrative Assistants. Happy Valentine's Day from my family to yours! 

IMG_2921 2.jpeg

With my colleagues on the floor of the House of Delegates on Friday morning. From left to right: Del. Reid, Del. Murphy, Del. Delaney & Del. Bell, otherwise know as the Democratic  Delegation from Loudoun!


Greetings from Richmond!

February 8th 2019


I, like many of you, have found all the turmoil this week difficult to bear, and certainly difficult to understand. A lot of us are in pain, and are having trouble seeing a way forward right now. Here’s what I know, in the midst of everything I don’t know: we must support the good in people, while we condemn the bad. How we do that will become clearer, I hope, but for the moment I want everyone to know that I believe in us and in our essential goodness as human beings, and I believe that together we will find the right way forward and the goodness of humanity will prevail. Let’s support each other through this confusing and distressing time.


I have heard from many of you, and I want you to know that your communications all have meaning for me. I hope you will continue to tell me what you are thinking and feeling. That’s why I’m here.

- Wendy


On Thursday morning, I presented HB2720 regarding use of funds for brick and mortar projects (such as security vestibules) in our public schools. It passed through the Senate Committee on Health and Education by a vote of 15Y - 0N. Next up is the Senate Floor. More...


We had a lot to get through this week and it would not have been possible without all of the help we had from the Page Program here at the Capitol. These are bright individuals from Middle Schools and High Schools across the Commonwealth. More...


Monday marked the Moms Demand Action lobby day here in Richmond with over 200 present, including 20+ members of Students Demand Action.  They met with Legislators on both sides of the aisle to discuss common sense gun laws.


Greetings from Richmond!

February 1st 2019


It's been a busy week here at the General Assembly and I wouldn't have it any other way! On Monday we had wonderful and informative visits from those fighting for higher teacher pay and increased school funding during the VEA's #Red4Ed lobby day. Over the course of the week I presented five bills before committee including HB2720 which will be on the floor for vote next week (read more below), and HB2671 which would increase penalties for settlement agents who violate anti-kickback laws. 

We have reached the halfway mark, next week is crossover, and then there are just three short weeks until we are finished. Keep in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!

- Wendy


On Monday, I joined forces with my friend and colleague Karrie Delaney (D-67) to become a Chief  Co-Patron on HB1659 which would add practitioners of any religious organization to the list of mandatory reporters. More...


#Red4Ed advocates rallying outside the State Capitol on Monday to show their support for increased school funding and raising teacher salaries.


HB2720 - Public School Security Equipment Grant Act of 2013; security equipment

In 2013, the GA passed the Public School Security Equipment Grant Act, which provided grants of up to $100,000 for school divisions to purchase security equipment, given they match it by 25%. This bill would address evolving security needs by allowing the cost of brick-and-mortar safety projects, such as security vestibules, to be added to the list of equipment offset by the current program.

This bill passed through the Education subcommittee by a vote of 8Y - 0N and went on to pass through the full Education committee by a vote of 22Y - 0N. The House will cast a final vote on the measure next week. More...


Members of the Hunt District PTA came by on Monday to discuss their ideas for increased school funding and teacher pay. Thank you for stopping by!


I had the privilege of meeting with members of the Service Employees International Union this week to discuss their ideas on protecting workers rights in the Commonwealth.


Greetings from Richmond!

January 25th 2019


The week started with a wonderful trip back to the District to participate in the Winchester Women's March organized by students from 4 local high schools — what an inspiring event to be a part of! Back here in Richmond, I presented three bills before committee, met with members of the Quaker community when they came to give the day's invocation, and spoke on the Republicans' refusal to allow a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment.

We have a long way to go, but there is no one that I would rather fight alongside than the constituents of the 10th House District. Thank you for all of your hard work, and make sure to come by and see us!

- Wendy


This past Saturday marked the 3rd annual Women's March and Winchester did us proud! The students that organized it are the people that will carry on our efforts. I am so proud of them, and am so happy to leave the future in their hands. Thank you to all who marched!


Last week I had the privilege of standing with Lt Governor Fairfax, NAACP Loudoun and my colleagues to advocate for a more transparent judicial selection process.


HB1721 - Child Abuse and Neglect; Mandatory Reporters

Adds to the list of persons who are required to report suspected child abuse or neglect ministers, priests, rabbis, imams, and duly accredited practitioners of any religious organization or denomination usually referred to as a church. More...

HB2671 - Real Estate Settlements

Relocates within Title 55 the existing provision that prohibits persons from paying or receiving a kickback, rebate, commission, thing of value, or other payment pursuant to an agreement to refer business incident to a settlement from Chapter 27.2 (Real Estate Settlements) to Chapter 27.3 (Real Estate Settlement Agents). This relocation authorizes the State Corporation Commission to impose penalties, issue injunctions, and require restitution in cases where a person who does not hold a license from the appropriate licensing authority has violated the provision. More...

HB1808 - Assault and Battery in the Presence of a Minor

Provides that any person who commits an assault and battery or assault and battery against a family or household member while (i) in the physical presence of a minor and (ii) knowing or having reason to know that such minor may see or hear such assault and battery is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class 6 felony for a second or subsequent offense. More...


Wednesday I spoke before the Courts of Justice Subcommittee on HB1910 which would take fentanyl testing strips off the list of drug paraphernalia in the state of Virginia. More...


Yesterday I presented HB1809 and HB2641 both of which addressed renewable energy. The first would have held Dominion and Appalachian Power accountable to investments in renewable energy. The later would have expanded third-party power purchasing agreements across the Commonwealth, giving more people access to renewable forms of energy. More about HB1809 here and HB2641here...


On Wednesday, I had the privilege of hosting a group of fellow Quakers as they gave the invocation before that day's session. It was the perfect way to start a busy day. Thank you for your words!


Greetings from Richmond!

January 18th 2019


We are wrapping up week two here at the General Assembly, and it was a big one! We presented three Bills, four Budget Amendments and outlined the legislative agenda for the Democratic Caucus. We met with constituents fighting for their communities, heard from student activists and celebrated birthdays too. I am looking forward to the weeks to come, and hope to see you soon!

- Wendy


On Tuesday, I presented HB1810 which would have extended from 1yr to 3yrs the period of time for which the Department of Social Services must retain records of reports & investigations of unfounded complaints of child sexual abuse before purging. Read more about this in the Virginia Mercury.


We started the week with an exciting press conference with the Democratic Caucus where we outlined our Legislative agenda for the year. Watch the clip here.


I spoke with students from GMU  yesterday regarding a few bills coming before the Committees this session —thank you for stopping by & for all of your hard work on behalf of Virginians!


HB2480 - Unemployment Compensation; Electronic Filing

Requires all employers with 100 employees or less, to submit quarterly unemployment tax and payroll reports electronically to the Virginia Employment Commission. This is currently required for employers with 100+ employees, and would reduce the burden of paper filing on the VEC. More...

 HB1910 - Drug Paraphernalia & Controlled Paraphernalia; Fentanyl Testing Products

Clarifies that narcotic testing products used to determine whether a controlled substance contains fentanyl are not drug paraphernalia or controlled paraphernalia. More...

 HB1716 - Criminal Sexual Assault

Includes in the definition of "sexual abuse" the intentional touching of any part of a complaining witness's body, either on the skin or material covering the body, if the complaining witness is under the age of 13 and the act is committed with the intent to sexually molest, arouse, or gratify any person. More...

HB1809 - Electric Utilities

Requires the State Corporation Commission to review annually whether Dominion and Appalachian Power are making satisfactory efforts to meet objectives established in the 2018 Grid Transformation and Securities Act with respect to solar and wind powered electric generation facilities. More...

 HB2720 - Public School Security Equipment Grant Act of 2013

Specifies that, for the purpose of eligibility for grants for security equipment through the Public School Security Equipment Grant Act of 2013, security equipment includes building modifications and fixtures, such as security vestibules. More...


Happiest of birthdays to my friend & colleague, Delegate David Reid (HD32)!


Speaking in the halls of the Capitol with members of the VA Electoral Board Association and the VA Association of Registrars about HB1717. This bill would have allowed Assistant Registrars & Electoral Board members to perform Election Day duties without retribution from employers.


Greetings from Richmond

January 11th 2019


We are off and running with the start of the 2019 Legislative Session! I am very excited be back in Richmond, representing the people of the 10th District. Make sure to follow along with our newsletter each week, we will keep you updated on everything happening in Richmond and at home!

- Wendy


Saw some familiar faces in the hall on Wednesday! We had several groups visiting, including a number of individuals supporting the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Virginia must pass the ERA, and must do it soon!


Proud to stand alongside Governor Northam on Tuesday morning to discuss improvements to I-81. Thank you to all who have contributed to the process. It's time we fix this road!


HB1717 - Employment Discrimination

Assistant registrars and local electoral board members are not currently protected from employment discrimination when seeking time off to administer elections.The proposed changes would prohibit discrimination in employment against these individuals on the basis of election day service. More...


HB1810 - Central Registry; Retention of Records

Extends the period of time that the Department of Social Services must retain records of reports and investigations of unfounded complaints of child sexual abuse before purging from 1 to 3 years. More...


HB2517 - Child Abuse & Neglect; Mandatory Reporters

This bill would add additional occupations and roles to the list of mandatory reporters. These include: volunteers, coaches, camp counselors and computer technicians. More...


HJ653 - Study on Naloxone Storage and Access

Requests the Department of Health to study the feasibility of expanding naloxone access through the placement of naloxone in automated external defibrillator (AED) cabinets across the Commonwealth. More...


Our first day back in Richmond, I joined Attorney General Mark Herring and Equality Virginia as he announced anti-hate crime efforts in support of Virginia's LGBTQ community.


I owe a sincere thank you to those who joined me on Friday to highlight my child abuse prevention proposals. These dedicated people spend their careers fighting for our children, and they deserve our recognition every day of the week.